If you are looking to incorporate data analysis, insects, and forensics, you need Lyle and Louise Nature’s Witness Forensic Entomology Kit.

Your students will delve into a story of murder and will be challenged to solve a HUGE mystery using insect collection, data, data analysis, and a prepared case to defend the murder suspects using SCIENCE and MATH!

So let’s talk about data analysis… Excel.. YUCK! Great news, I made you an extra cheat sheet. Well, those of you who are not Excel wizards 😉 I have used data from an actual lab kit and incorporated all of the formulas your students need to accurately analyze data in Nature’s Witness(TM) Forensic Entomology Climate Data. I even highlighted the vital data. Notice the two sheets at the bottom labeled “Species A” and “Species B” in that Excel sheet you just opened. When you click on an individual cell, my formula will pop up in the top cell edit space. See the picture below and you will understand where you can find formulas. Just look through the sheet and decide what you want to give your students and what you want to challenge them to figure out for themselves.

Back to the kit… Your students will talk, debate, observe, analyze, debate, calculate, and reevaluate before they come up with a solid murderer. They will take on the role of a forensic scientist, including learning about insect development versus weather conditions and proximity to food. They will observe actual flies. WOOHOO kids love gross stuff. I had a lot of fun completing this kit and you will too. I HIGHLY recommend you participate. The kit is really fun.

I hope you try out the kit and that you enjoy the cheat sheet!