Why drones?

We decided to develop drone kits because drones are becoming a staple in many STEM fields. Engineers are using drones to scope out infrastructure damage and to collect data, and business owners are using drones to aid in aerial photoshoots and videos for advertisement purposes. Photographers are also using drone footage as an integral portion of their portfolios. Drones are also being used to aid victims, deliver packages, and survey land. We want students to be a part of this growing trend in aeronautical technology.

Through our drone kits, we challenge students to build a drone, fly a drone design, construct an obstacle course, and capture photos with a specific purpose in mind. Students will participate in class competitions and will learn the importance of proper nutrition while engaging in drone-based projects.

We are thrilled to share drones with students and teachers across the country. Our goal is to continue to supply STEM kits to teachers at any step in their walk with STEM. From engineers turned teachers to traditional teachers, we have prepared a kit you can easily implement. Our kits place learning, design, and challenges in the students’ hands. These drone-based kits and challenges truly allow students to lead their own learning. Teachers simply provide inspiration, positive critiques, and a final grade using a rubric we have created.

The drone parts and a manual are included in every kit along with a student challenge. The student challenges provide unlimited room for student creativity, trial and error, exploration, and self-learning. We are confident your students will grow in their STEM lives and will be encouraged to continue to seek STEM-based jobs and majors for future educational experiences.

Drone Kits:

Aeronautics: Drone without Camera

Aeronautics: Drone with Camera (coming soon!)

-Xandy Whitman