Ever get intimidated when you see teachers using what seems like really complicated projects or novice technology and the students are eating it up? These teachers aren’t just randomly finding amazing projects and cool technology, they are attending education conferences that expose them to several new ideas all in one place at one time. Conferences are a convenient solution to learning a lot in a short amount of time. Let’s take a look at some of the best educational conferences available.

  1. NSTA National Conference (National Science Teachers Association)

NSTA offers presentations in teaching strategies, science content, and the latest education research. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with 9,000-12,000 attendees, have your choice of 1,200 sessions, and 400 exhibits. The exhibits provide you with an opportunity to evaluate teaching materials from lab equipment to instructional books. The presentation sessions offer innovative teaching ideas, specific topic information, and research results. Workshops offer a 60-minute hands-on activity. Exhibitor Workshops offer an opportunity to try out instructional methods in a lab like setting. NSTA conferences are full of networking opportunities, including expanding your PLN (professional learning network). Impressive Keynote speaker at all NSTA conference. “Each year, NSTA hosts a national conference on science education (in the spring), three area conferences (in the fall), and a STEM Forum & Expo.” Nsta.org.



Stem Conference offers 76 sessions on best education practices and STEM trend topics. StemCon also features several speakers. Presentations include a variety of STEM topics from music in STEM, outdoor STEM, to Cyber Security. “The mission of STEMCON is for the conference to serve as a platform for STEM educators and administrators from all around the nation to share their best practices. The day-long professional development opportunity gives educators the space to keep up with new trends, practices, and standards and encourages innovation in a fast-changing and evolving field.” Stemcon.net


  1. Hawaii STEM Conference

Hawaii STEM Conference is a STEM/Service-Learning event that showcases technology geared at advancing environmental stewardship and helping communities. Both students and teachers attend from a STEM labs environment. The sessions provide information on software and tools for STEM fields and career opportunities. Over 1000 students and 300 teachers attend.

”Over the two days, engaging STEM breakout sessions for students and teachers are held in 3D CAD, Animation, Photoshop, Cybersecurity, Coding, Drones, Web Design, Game Design, Videography, GIS/GPS, Leadership, Green Technologies, and much more!” womenintech.com.

At any one of the conferences mentioned above, you will gain access to a growing PLN to STEM products, methods, and opportunities. You will walk away with free projects, a myriad of ideas, complete inspiration, and a renewed energy. Conferences are a one-stop shop for all of the innovative education-based products and methods. We hope to see you at one of them!