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FACES 3.0 Student Edition

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Law enforcement agencies the world over agrees that FACES 3.0 is the breakthrough facial composite drawing software that suits their needs.

Utilized by crime-fighting agencies — including the CIA, FBI, and the US Military — our software has been used successfully since 2007 to identify, track, and apprehend criminal suspects.

This will be a software download with a link emailed to you. Can be used on any standard desktop or laptop computer running Microsoft Windows 98 or better.


Download Demo Of FACES Here.



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The Composite Software Every School Needs

The improved interface of FACES 3.0 makes it easy for anyone to create accurate composites with a click of a mouse.

No forensic artist skills or experience are required.

Students in 6 groups of 5 students will perform composite drawings then will analyze and compare their composite drawings to suspects. Students will also draw their Principal, cook ETC to compare them to the suspects.