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FACES 4.0 Law Enforcement Version

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Law enforcement agencies the world over agrees that FACES 4.0 is the breakthrough facial composite software that suits their needs.

Utilized by crime-fighting agencies — including the CIA, FBI, and the US Military — our software has been used successfully since 2007 to identify, track, and apprehend criminal suspects. Our latest version includes:

  • An Expanded Database of 4,400 Facial Features
  • New Latin, African American, & Asian Components
  • Ability to Export Images in JPEG Format to Use in Police Bulletins, Advisories, & Websites
  • Three-Tone Hair Features & Hair Flip
  • Facial Markings Such as Piercings, Moles, Scars, & Tattoos


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The Composite Software Every Agency Needs

The improved interface of FACES 4.0 makes it easy for any police officer to create accurate composites with a click of a mouse.

No forensic artist skills or experience are required.

With FACES, composites can be created more quickly and inexpensively and used to solve crimes when a professional sketch artist isn’t available. FACES 4.0 can be used on any standard desktop or laptop computer running Microsoft Windows 98 or better.