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Desolation: STEM Urine Trouble: Water Purification Kit

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Now available! Desolation encourages students to use science, technology, engineering and math to help stranded astronauts survive and return home.


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Jake Plissken, the senior communications officer on the lunar outpost, has become ill. When contaminated resources are found, the HAWC miners switch to emergency water and food rations to avoid infection. With no hope of immediate rescue, they begin recovering water from any source necessary. In this kit, students will learn about procedures to recycle urine into drinking water and test their results for safety.
1. Analyze synthetic urine for salt content with a lead nitrate reaction. Test pH and the presence of urobilin by building a colorimeter and calibrating it with a standard curve.
2. Design and build an efficient distillation apparatus.
3. Analyze purified distillate for salt, pH, and urobilin to determine if its safe to drink.
Learning Objectives
1. List the major components of urine and the mechanisms of filtration and reabsorption.
2. Explain the basic parts of a colorimeter and its mechanism of operation.
3. Use the dilution equation to create a procedure for serial dilution.
4. Create a standard curve to calibrate a colorimeter.
5. Construct an electrical circuit to drive a LED.
6. Understand and measure pH.
7. Perform a qualitative chemical reaction to test for chlorides.
8. Construct and test a distillation apparatus.
9. Develop an understanding of a chemical equation by performing a reaction.
10. Explain mechanisms of heat transfer: conduction, convection, radiation, phase change, and advection.

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