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Desolation: STEM: Total Redox: Fuel Cells Kit

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  • Kit includes supplies for 32 students total (working in groups of 4)
  • Grades 7 – Undergraduate
  • Kit includes supplementary mathematical modeling lab focusing on numerical methods in addition to wet lab
  • This kit is geared to high school and undergraduate courses and is matched to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Store at ambient temperature


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After being stranded for more than two months at the lunar outpost, two astronauts set out to retrieve badly needed oxygen from a derelict supply depot. During the return trip their rover’s power source fails. Your students will help design and construct a makeshift fuel cell to get the stranded HAWC astronauts back to the outpost. Power output from the substitute fuel cell will be severely limited, so the optimum route home must also be found.
1. Design and optimize a zinc-air fuel cell and test its power output
2. Use 3D modeling to determine the most efficient path back to the outpost using satellite topology data
Learning Objectives
1. Measure and model electrical potential, current, power, and energy
2. Read and write chemical equations
3. Calculate theoretical cell potential
4. Develop an understanding of redox reactions
5. Explain the difference between anions and cations
6. Describe the efficiency of various power sources (Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Solar, Fuel Cells)
7. Describe the relationship between electrolysis and electrochemical cells
8. Explain what the standard conditions for measurement are and how they affect experimental results
9. Create models for kinetic energy, potential energy, electrical energy, and rolling resistance
10. Create models for various energy conversion processes
11. Scale measurement datasets to fit a range of values
12. Extrapolate classroom experimental results make predictions about models that are orders of magnitude larger.

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