We are answering some commonly asked questions pertaining to educational kits. We want you to know exactly what our kits offer, so you can effectively meet the needs of your students.


How effective is your product or service?


Our product is designed to engage students, challenge students, and assess gained knowledge. Customer feedback suggests the kits achieve all three extremely effectively.


How much time does it take to learn how to use and implement it?


You need to take around 10 minutes to read through the kits and to fully understand the setup. Teacher and student directions are provided, so aside from 5 minute lab setup time, everything is ready to go. Our kits are often chosen over other options due to the ease of use.

Do you provide on-site training?


We do not provide on-site training, but we do provide assistance through our website.


Do you arrange for ongoing professional development and support? If so, is there an additional cost?


We do not charge additional costs for support, which is available through our website. We rarely need to provide ongoing professional development, as the kits are self-explanatory.

Why should a teacher use your product over one that is similar?


Our products have been implemented across the globe and have been modified to meet the needs of both teachers and students using pointed feedback.


How will your product/service make a teacher’s life easier?


Our kits have everything you need in one place. 10 minutes of prep time and you are ready for several days of hands-on learning and critical thinking.


How will your product/service better the lives of students?


Our products present real challenges to students and urge students to use creative thinking and analysis.

How is your product in the best interest of the students?


Our product is in the best interest of students, starting with our creation goal. We developed these kits to present science in a tangible way to students.


How do you store and protect student data?


We do not store student data.


How does your product/service serve a real and valuable purpose in the classroom?


Our kits provide students with actual scientific challenges that they can solve using hands-on techniques.


Overall, our kits are unique in providing all of teacher and student needs in one box. Students will learn history, participate in labs, and will answer intuitive questions that require critical thinking skills. We also provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge.


Xandy Whitman