Homeschooling is a huge, personal sacrifice you make for your children. You probably decided to homeschool in order to spend quality time with your children in a protected environment. Considering the current safety concerns of school-aged children in our country, I bet more parents will now consider homeschooling as an option. Homeschooling isn’t easy, and we aim to support you however we can.

I think we all agree that physically, homeschooling is a safe option. Parents have a lot of control over the safety of the learning environment. Homeschooling parents are also actively involved in their childrens’ lives. Family values are constantly present and observed.

So is homeschooling all good?

Unfortunately, homeschoolers sometimes miss out on incredible science class experiences due to the cost of obtaining science materials and/or the lack of quality, lab-based curriculum available to homeschooling parents. Also, if science is not a strong subject for the homeschooling parent, the child may lack exposure to rigorous scientific content. How can this problem be overcome?

One way is to seek out rigorous science materials that require little background knowledge for the parent. We actually made a homeschool science kit as part of our initiative to support homeschooling parents. The kit can be purchased here. The kit is designed for 1-6 students, so you can share with a homeschool cohort. The kit includes forensic units that require blood detection, evidence processing, questioned document analysis, fingerprint analysis, bite mark analysis, glass fragment identification, and drug testing analysis. The kit is designed to provide your child with the same type of science experience that students get in a traditional school setting. Plus, who doesn’t love forensic science?

We want to ensure your science needs are met and that your student does not miss out on rigorous science labs which prepare students for university-level science classes. This kit will ensure your child is able to effectively perform science experiments, analyze lab results, and fully answer science-based questions. The kit is engaging for both parent and student, not to mention you have enough supplies to share the experience.

We hope you enjoy the kit and we salute your personal sacrifice to homeschool your children! Seriously, I’m a stay-at-home mom so I get it. Educating your own children is one of the hardest jobs and the biggest responsibilities you can take on. We are here for you 🙂

Xandy Whitman,