Are you looking for a forensic science curriculum? Our curriculum, the Mystery of Lyle & Louise, currently comes with 14 kits that last a total of 70 class periods. We are adding a kit later this month.

Each lesson contains an introduction of the forensic science topic including history, data, and uses, teacher notes, Teaching Timeline, pre-intro questions, post-intro questions, in-depth explanation of the forensic topic including evidence analysis, suggested additional readings, Student Investigation, Evidence, Persons of Interest, Diagrams, Pre-Lab Questions, Lab Procedure, Data (Excel Sheet Shell), Post-Lab Questions, and a Mock Trial.


  1. DNA Typing
  2. Bite Marks Analysis
  3. Questioned Documents
  4. Hair & Fiber
  5. Forensic Entomology
  6. Blood Spatter
  7. Drug Testing
  8. Gunshot Residue
  9. Fingerprint Analysis
  10. Bullet Striations
  11. Blood Detection
  12. Footprint Analysis
  13. Fire Debris
  14. Glass Fragment Analysis

and Faces software will make kit 15 when it launches!

Students will solve a mystery using research, evidence, data, and intense analysis and problem-solving. You can use the entire series or choose any of the 14 topics as a stand-alone project. Check out our store for pricing.

We hope you enjoy,