One of the first questions we always get asked is “how many students can your STEM kit serve and how many students in a group?”. The answer varies, but always 2-4 students per group. Why?

Students can achieve more working in dynamic, diverse groups than working alone. When students draw from their own life experiences and apply those skills and ideas to solve problems, an enriching outcome is achieved. We want students to work together so they can develop the skills needed to be successful in the professional STEM world. We design projects to encourage this type of collaboration.

We ABSOLUTELY need students to learn to work with a diversity of individuals and to be able to identify and understand the value all people bring to the table. If we can help students learn to appreciate and capitalize on everyone’s individual value, we will create a much more dynamic workforce.

People, in general, have very different skills sets that often go unnoticed or untapped. When we encourage students to work together un diverse groups, we have a greater chance of tapping into those skills sets and utilizing them to propel technology forward. We are committed to presenting a range of topics and collaboration opportunities for our nation’s students and are continuing new development efforts to achieve just that.