Cyber Monday is here and we are offering 20% off ALL PRODUCTS on!

Some of our most popular kits are:

  1. This DRONE Kit that challenges students to build a drone, fly a drone, design and build an obstacle course, and to compete in a student-designed obstacle course challenge!
  2. This Forensic Entomology Kit that challenges students to analyze insect life cycles against weather conditions and data to solve a MURDER!
  3. This Bite Marks Kit challenges students to take on the role of forensic scientists who use data and scientific criteria to determine origin of bite marks found on a victim!

Of course, my personal favorite is this PROGRAMMING DRONE kit that challenges students to solve problems using coding. As a bonus, your students will have access to continuing instructional videos made by ME! That’s right, we are going to continue to develop content for this drone, and you will have access to all of it.

We hope you enjoy shopping. The 20% off will be applied at checkout. The code is “Cyber Monday”. Offer ends midnight 11/26/2018.

-Xandy Whitman