With career fairs popping up around the corner at high schools and college campuses, it is time to get a direction on where the next step of life may take us. Often, we see local banks, or insurance companies scoping out potential employees, degrees fresh in hand. But regardless of being job hungry as a college student, I still see tables being passed by without any recognition, or even worst, the turning of the head to not get pulled into yet another conversation. But the booths repeatedly skipped, also provide additional jobs besides just “federal banking” titles.

Within every good company is a solid foundation, the foundation being someone in STEM. Because STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based careers hit a variety of options, jobs can range from being a civil engineer to an accountant. When people thing of STEM career as an option, the idea is quickly tossed out because students think it only deals with engineering or a form of pre-medicine. But unlike the traditional view of limited career options, degrees in this concentration open a lot more doors! Want to have a career educating someone or showcase your innovative skills? Both are very much possible! I find many of the most beneficial classes I have taken, involve a professor who have a focus in STEM. It is not only the content taught, but more so how lessons are organized. It is a different stretch of thinking. Educators who chose this route experience a fantastic opportunity to influence growing generations through their love for STEM.

We are living in the future we always dreamed of having. If being a part of understanding upcoming technology and future enhancements comes to interest, maybe its time to stop at some of the tables often skipped! The internet is a fantastic example of such. Without it, you obviously wouldn’t be able to access this site or search on google for the latest news. Everyday we are progressing out knowledge with the newest medical treatments and microscopic procedures created by those willing to think outside of the box. The microwave for example, was one of the biggest and most essential inventions that are used by many around the world.

With stories ranging from melted chocolate bars to an exploding egg, Rod Spencer’s technological invention has minimized meal hassles. But the ability to invent a useful product itself was not what was so commendable, but the willingness to follow through with trying something new. With so many inside thinkers, we need those who aspire to challenge themselves daily to help others. I find that characteristic very admirable. The future not only relies on prospering businesses, but those looking to advance our way of life.

A major advantage to studying and planning a career in STEM is the forever growing job opportunities. Every year new jobs are created to keep up without our technological demand. Additionally, even corporations not in the technology field find those in STEM more admirable. The skills that come with those in that profession learn transferable skills that allow for job transfers and advancements mostly due to the universal language of math, science and programming. Within advancements, comes company projects and those being more likely given to someone who carries problem-solving skills. No matter how “perfect” of a business, every business experiences day-to-day problems. These problems crave those with naturally and educationally developed problem-solving abilities, often found with those with STEM related professions.

Life is challenging, but for others, challenges are what keep life interesting. If you fall under this, maybe it is your time to stop at a related booth. The best part of STEM is how unexpected but controlled this form of work is. There is a sense of personal growth through accomplishments. But I can’t make this line of work all butterflies and roses, it also comes with negative baggage. Mental blocks and negative results can cause a road block. But if having experience with hitting slow-downs, you learn how to be creative and form a drive to overcome problems. When I look into it, I believe that professions related to STEM are very much character builders. Every day is a new chance to learn and try new things. Overall it is an opportunity to educate yourself daily and continuously.

So as a student who may have overlooked the over abundant amount of opportunities at a job fair, its not too late. Setting up an appointment or speaking with a counselor, educator, or parent is a terrific way to get started with a profession in the STEM path. Life is about taking opportunities and thriving and what better way than by being a part of an ever-growing industry: technology. It is one of the only industries that is looking to be a part of every product. We see revolutionizing self-driving cars, refrigerators with televisions, face recognition cell phones surrounding us. There is only room for improvement and advancements as the need for yearly models include new enhancements and gadgets designed by mind blowing innovators looking to change the world. All it takes is a goal driven attitude and the courage to take a chance speaking with professionals willing to inform and educate the many great benefits with a profession in STEM!

-Stephanie Rogner