We have put together 3 teacher goals for 2019 with advice on how to achieve these goals!

  1. Focus on important content.
  2. Use grading rubrics.
  3. Be kind to your students.


When you focus on important content, you will achieve more content mastery success. If you are in a rush to cover content before testing starts in the spring, identify the content the students absolutely must master and content you want the students to master. Cover the “must” first and if you have time before or after testing add in the other content. We like the idea of focusing on specific content because students’ attention spans (and yours) seem to shorten as spring fever hits! Focus areas will keep you and your students on track, engaged and inspired.

Use grading rubrics to reduce stress, save time, and provide pointed feedback to students. You can write in specific comments to students so they can better target areas that need attention. Use simple rubrics, so you save grading time and can utilize after school for self-care.

Be kind to your students. They are coming back from the holiday and are adjusting just like you are. Students are also ready for spring activities and ultimately summer break! Try to be patient and kind if students get off task or take extra time to adjust back into a learning environment. Count backward from ten and take in 3 deep breaths when you feel yourself getting frustrated.